The common theme of our work involves successfully tackling difficult problems in Magento integration. If you have something particularly difficult on hand give us a shout, we would be happy to help you determine your next steps.

tour de force in Magento architecture


Thane Direct is a worldwide media company that has very unique eCommerce requirements. In 2013 they turned to Bit79 to architecture a worthy responsive Magento solution and simultaneously train their in-house development team.  With eCommerce stores in over 13 countries, each of which operating with different currencies, payment gateways, promotions, customer service centres and fulfillment backends it seemed like an impossible task to aggregate them into a single platform, much less one that would allow for future expansion. Nevertheless Bit79 took on the challenge and succeeded.

Starting with a vision for a repeatable customizable build system on a Scandinavian site, the long process actually started with making the difficult refactor vs rewrite decision. Within a year the internal team had transitioned completely away from old processes and was confident in the new system to be able to single handedly deploy new sites themselves. With an injection of sound Magento development practices and Enterprise level processes, Thane Direct is rejuvenating their eCommerce business for a new era.


Pioneering digital content delivery


In 2010 for the launch of the digital download version of the re-envisioned Star Trek movie Paramount Pictures tasked their digital asset encoding partner in Toronto (Extend Media) to create a robust eCommerce system to handle the delivery of the movie via the internet in a partnership with Seagate.

Needing an expert on the eCommerce domain, Extend Media turned to our CTO to bridge the gap between their backend encoding service and frontend player. Adapting Magento to work with their particular flow of authentication was possible but complex, however with appropriate documentation and planning with became feasible. Development was handled by multiple offshore teams working on IST unfamiliar with Magento development thus this was an exercise in cross-cultural, cross-timezone, cross-technology collaboration. At a time when the entire industry was struggling to come to terms with the nascent digital delivery technologies, Magento Enterprise Edition was blazing a trail ahead.

Note: This site has since been replaced with industry wide Ultraviolet technology however historical snapshots may exist on

International Magento Expansion


Early 2012, the venerable Royal Conservatory of Music found themselves in a difficult situation. Their Drupal development provider (Myplanet Digital) proposed Magento for an expansion of book sales into the United States. However the Director of Technology had doubts about Myplanet’s capability to execute such a complex undertaking with a technology they were unfamiliar with. As a result, our CTO  was asked to interface with Myplanet on behalf of the RCM to ensure the success of the project. The goal was to bring our extensive experience to the project and train the MyPlanet team.

This project had some unique challenges apart from training the Myplanet team, some of whom had never used Magento before. Challenges ranged from complex Single Sign On architecture to integration with the existing legacy AS/400 systems for accounting and shipping. All of this was mixed with the complex paperwork involved in taking such a large non-profit organization into international sales. In time for the back-to-school shopping season in the United States, the RCM successfully launched their new bookstore and are now using the lessons they learned from Bit79 to port their existing Canadian bookstore onto Magento.


The latest eCommerce technology for the latest bicycle technology


La Bicicletta (Pronounced [lɑː biː-tʃiː-klɛ-tɑː] or say La Bee-Chee-Cletta) has been the premiere Toronto retailer for very high end (and very expensive) road bicycles for the better part of 15 years. Their reputation in the local cycling community is unmatched.

We replaced a severely outdated (Perl CGI) eCommerce site that was built in the early 90′s with a modern version based on Magento Professional edition. Favourite part of working on this project? Telling the owners “Yes that is built into Magento” for almost every single request of theirs. This was one of those projects where a purchased theme came in handy.

Since the relaunch, the new store has held its ground yearly in the BlogTo Best Custom and Road Bike Shops in Toronto list.



A curated startup launches on Magento Enterprise


Upon meeting Jen and Kena—cofounders of Brika— you could immediately tell they have the passion that would make their startup eCommerce site successful. Similar to our relationship with the Royal Conservatory of Music, we worked with Brika in the capacity of guiding their chosen development team (Pixafy) in the implementation of their amazingly creative eCommerce system.

With a short time to get to market before the 2012 shopping season we all dug in and pushed to get the stunningly beautiful Brika site launched. We were able to quickly identify reliable Magento Industry partners that would help reduce the development time and get us launched in time. With Magento Enterprise Edition, Brika has a solid foundation for the next step of eCommerce, growing their sales online.



Below are some of the company sites we have done work for. Often work was done as a subcontractor to the Agency that held the account but had zero Magento skills inhouse.