eCommerce can be difficult.
We have been through it many times and we're here to help you.


Bit79 is a small strategic Magento eCommerce consulting firm with big project experience. We have a passion for robust and secure eCommerce sites and have made this our first priority for every project we work on. Our process is deliberate and specialized: it combines creative problem-solving with solid technical and business experience in the eCommerce sphere. To ensure that our craft is honed and to provide the highest levels of service, our team only works with Magento eCommerce.

Bit79 was founded in 2008 before Magento was fully unleashed upon the world. At that time (operating under the name our Founder/CTO had started working with Magento Beta in anticipation of a v1.0 release for some small clients of his freelance contracting business. After many, many late nights and long hours poring over Magento code and developing a rapport with, the community the first Magento site was launched. Then almost immediately afterwards came another, and another....

Since then our experience and quality of product has only grown. Which brings us to today where we regularly consult with multinational Magento Enterprise clients like Paramount Pictures and TOMS. Taking up a simpler name in 2013, Bit79 has grown to become the new face of Magento eCommerce in Canada


With our long and focused experience with Magento and our dedication to the craft, it goes without saying that Bit79 has the experience and skill to pull off your eCommerce dreams—however, we also have a secret weapon. During the last 6 years, we have gradually documented, studied and architected tools and processes to help ensure a successful Magento site launch. Leveraging this custom Magento toolset enables us to ensure your success.

Community has always been a huge part of the growth and success of Magento and still continues to play a large part with the pending release of Magento 2. Bit79 maintains a strong and nimble network among trusted Magento extension developers and hosting companies. From concept to site ROI optimization, we can give you all the technical help you need—and nothing you don’t. 

We like to think our approach to your Magento eCommerce system is simple: just ask questions. But beyond that, we think it’s important to ask the right questions mainly because every Magento eCommerce system is different. Anyone can figure out how to setup a basic Magento site. Figuring out all the other working parts and adapting Magento to fit those business processes without impacting site speed or risking your user data? That’s what we do best.

Our Founder/CTO recognized in 2008 that no other Open Source eCommerce platform was as well engineered as Magento and promptly started using it. While not everyone had that foresight, you can be guaranteed that he works personally on your project as our small team allows for nothing less.

Security always comes first at Bit79. In our Magento travels, we have had to step in and cleanup the aftermath of poorly secured Magento sites. Neither is it a pretty job for the developer nor for the person that needs to pay for it. The effort required to secure your site against fraud and/or compromise is many times less than fixing it later. This is why our process involves very careful planning and expectation management for all aspects of eCommerce security.

It’s impossible for us to settle for anything that compromises your site security. And we won’t let our clients settle, either. Yes, we will not bend on certain things. But don’t worry—we know you’ll thank us later.

Open Positions

Junior Magento Developer

Seeking a responsible PHP developer to work on Magento websites. We are practical and understand that there are very few people with a ton of experience in Magento as such you will be trained in aspects of the system that you are not expert at but would be happy to have someone who draws on their own initiative to seek on solutions and discuss which ones are best.


  • University degree or College diploma in Computer Programming, Information Technologies or a related 
  • 1 to 2 years related job experience in web software development
  • Proficient with PHP programming
  • Working and proven knowledge of Object Oriented Programming techniques and design patterns such as 


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